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Quality Assurance & Test Automation

VHS offers a wide range of data analytics and consulting services, helping companies of any size and data maturity level drive insights from data to outperform competitors.

Capturing data and harnessing its benefits places a new level of demands on businesses’ data and analytics capabilities. As a data analytics consulting firm, VHS helps clients to build modern data analytics architectures, evolve to an insight-driven organization through data management and Agile BI systems and practices, and enable artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

Consultancy and Audit Services

Assess the maturity and effectiveness of your testing processes with QA Audit and Consultancy – we will identify existing issues and create a detailed roadmap with improvements.

VHS can offer you:

  • Insightful QA assessment;
  • Expert QA audit-based consultancy;
  • Assistance with implementing a new QA strategy.

Managed Testing Services

Get a transparent, effective, and painless QA process with our QA Managers.

VHS will help you with:

  • Setup and optimization of testing processes;
  • QA team assembly and management;
  • In-house training of QA engineers.

Custom Testing Services

To match your unique business and tech needs, we offer you our comprehensive range of custom Quality Assurance Services so that you can address any existing or potential issues and strengthen your market position.

VHS ‘s team provides such custom testing services as:

  • Localization testing;
  • Usability testing;
  • End-to-end testing;
  • Domain-based testing.
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Automation QA Services

We, as an automation testing company, consult on general approaches to test automation and offers the most relevant solutions for each specific project.Obtain a reliable and ready-to-use digital product by creating a test automation framework architecture and starting the automation process from scratch.

VHS QA Automation experts reduce the time for manual testing by automating user interfaces and functional tests of web applications.VHS engineers perform QA Automation Services using real devices and mobile farms to ensure the stability of product functionality.

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Why you need a QA Audit

90% of projects lack properly built and adjusted QA testing strategies and struggle with insufficient testing quality levels throughout the organization.As VHS’s experience reveals, test automation is only applied to 30% of all projects implemented. As a result, unnecessary risks and problems inevitably emerge.

In 45% of all projects where test automation is applied, it is implemented without a comprehensive strategy and without being integrated into a full-fledged CI/CD.In 33% of all projects, unnecessary budget losses caused by unstable testing environments and prolonged clarification and approvement procedures occur.

Proper assessment of product quality can help you eliminate a large number of defects and errors as well as resolve the issue of overall product instability.Only 35% of all projects have properly arranged communication processes within the team (PO, Dev, QA, PM, BA, etc.). With our assistance, your flow will be both seamless and productive.

We are ready to assess your challenge and help you with it. Schedule a call to start.