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Cloud Development Services 

While most enterprises today have some kind of cloud presence, few maximize the vast opportunities that cloud affords. The pressures are growing to accelerate company-wide cloud adoption or risk falling behind the competition. We help in the cloud adoption journey at all stages.

Get a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution with a team of cloud application development experts.

Select professional IT services for your software development project.


All specialists are continuously improving their professional skillsets; this is proven by a great number of certifications from industry leaders.


A dedicated team of cloud engineers who provide full-time support for all your CloudOps requirements to fast-track your business growth


Through the vast experience of working with all the leading cloud providers, Andersen’s experts are well-placed to meet all your business needs.

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VHS works closely with clients to understand their complete business environment. To support cloud strategy, our experts develop business cases with a metrics-driven ROI roadmap. We build a framework for cloud approaches (public, private, and hybrid), cloud types (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), reference architectures, security policy and cloud management platform. With the help of our strategic partnerships, we assess current state of applications and infrastructure and recommend the most efficient and optimal to-be state.  Our cloud strategy spans across applications and infrastructure which includes:

  • Cloud Readiness assessment
  • Cloud roadmap and strategy
  • Cloud architecture audit
  • Change management
  • Cloud security roadmap
  • Multi cloud strategy and fitment analysis
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Comprehensive cloud management is vital to protect cloud assets against vulnerabilities, data loss and downtimes. Cloud’s true potential cannot be harnessed by managing it like a data center. End-to-end visibility of infrastructure and applications helps remediate performance and utilization issues and increases productivity, security and compliance.

VHS rich infrastructure and application experience enables high availability and continuous optimization in a hybrid cloud across the business application ecosystem. Our cloud management services include:

  • Risk reports and remediation plans
  • Forecast and trends reporting
  • Optimization in spending
  • Regular operational metrics
  • Disaster recovery test reports
  • Improvement plans
  • Automation and DevOps
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We help determine the best cloud approach for organizations – public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. With our migration factory model, we provide faster, cost-effective and risk-free transition with minimal business impact. With deep expertise in delivering superior customer experience and data analytics applications, VHS ensures application speed with its cloud migration services, and increases availability with third-party tools and pre-defined templates designed for specific workloads. We provide faster, cost-effective and successful transition with zero business impact. Our cloud migration services include:

  • Cloud-to-cloud movement
  • Migration of workloads
  • Validation and performance testing
  • Operations run books

We are ready to assess your challenge and help you with it. Schedule a call to start.