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Application Development 

VHS  boasts of world-class capabilities in building scalable, robust, integrated and highly secure distributed enterprise applications with high throughput and low latency. Our best-in-class technology experts have Java/Python/PHP/Modern Cloud Stack and insights into the  NoSQL landscape and emerging computing platforms such as Spark. We leverage Agile and Continuous Delivery practices to ensure on-time and high-quality delivery.

Our engineers have helped several Fortune 500 clients build software on a variety of platforms, using the most appropriate enterprise architectures and technologies. We have used Business Process Management (BPM) products to build efficient operational systems, distributed architectures to build robust, global billing platforms and highly efficient algorithmic trading software, among others.

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Ensuring scalability of applications in the long run, is a cornerstone of effective application architecture. We have designed such systems for a variety of use cases and clients, using distributed open platforms as well as cloud solutions. Our highly skilled architects and engineers are adept at defining and designing scalable systems.

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Security Architecture is a very important aspect of Enterprise Architecture and has become all the more critical in the recent past. Our security consultants understand the nuances of integrating security at various levels in a global enterprise, and are adept at aligning security goals with the business.

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VHS is a technology firm, built by technologists. The vast technical expertise of the firm helps our clients establish strong Technology Strategy and Governance Models for very large programs. We understand technology as a critical aspect of modern business, and help our clients align it with overall business strategies and goals.

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